Tales of Mystery and Imagination #3


Dundee based Terrier Studios already impressed with the first two issues of their Tales of Mystery & Imagination and I made sure to get my hands on the third issue at this year’s Thought Bubble.

This issue is a “Creatures of the Night” special and mixes an Edgar Allan Poe adaptation with an impressive roster of new stories that emphasise that macabre vibe from the first two issues.

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Skinny Dippin’ by Kieran O’Connor

The Raven adapted & illustrated by Rebecca Tough

The Wolf Laughed! by William Hazle

Zombees by Ewan Smith

Frightful Funnies written by Kenneth Watterson & art by Kieran O’Connor

The Raven & The Wolf Laughed! are the most involving stories of the bunch with a real glimpse at some dark horror elements and while one is an adaptation & one is a new creation they both compliment each other well with their flow and look.  Equally involving stories and some amazing artwork from Rebecca Tough & William Hazle.  The others have a more horror/comedy feel to them but are a great way to bookend the third issue as you are eased into things before they get a bit serious and then eased out with some laughs.

This third issue ends up showing off the progress that Terrier Studios and the creative teams involved have been able to make within a relatively short space of time and it feels like this is still a hidden gem that needs shouted about.  The A4 format is a smart choice for the stories too as it shows off every detail of the art and avoids making the pages feeled crammed with some of that narrative & dialogue.

You can keep up to date with all of Terrier Studios titles over on their Facebook & Twitter pages as well as get hold of the titles themselves on their website, on Amazon for Kindle and through Comixology.



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