Deer Editor #1-3

Deer Editor

Another recent Kickstarter discovery for me was the first three issues of Deer Editor from writer Ryan K Lindsay & artist Sami Kivelä and it follows Bucky, the editor of a crime beat called ‘The Truth’……..who just happens to be a deer.

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Bucky’s latest story begins with a John Doe killing and it triggers a spiral into a deeper plot of political secrets, vampire conspiracies & road trip rescue missions that could well be the biggest he’s been involved with.  It opens with zero explanation as to why a Deer would be a journalist but the instant swagger that Bucky has makes this something that you end up not needing to question….he’s a deer….get over it.


His contacts, his sub-editors and his enemies coast in and out across these three issues and Ryan has managed to take a mix of themes and merge them into a pretty slick and involving series of comics.  While the individual issues have the ability to stand on their own the overall arc they cover is well paced and deeply involving from the beginning. The sarcastic humour from our main protagonist makes this a fun read and you’re sure to laugh at some of his remarks along the way but that’s all coupled with some infuriatingly good cliffhangers that make you desperate for more…..which makes this a project I stumbled across at just the right time with three issues on offer.


The landscape format of the pages and the noir edge to the story gives this a sense of scale and a real cinematic vibe to it as things progress.  Something that’s emphasised with some of the most impressive & consistent art that I’ve enjoyed and maybe just sat and stared at in a long time.  Gritty in places for sure but the layouts and mix of angles used gave this a real momentum with moments that felt stark and powerful as the events unfolded.  Lettering from Nic J Shaw helped complete an impressive creative team and Deer Editor stood out from even my weekly pull list as a title worth noticing.


Smart in it’s build-up and intricate in it’s execution the three issue run is a glory to read and with a smart approach to the rewards in his Kickstarter, Ryan has helped get the title out to people for as little as one Australian dollar per issue……which in itself paid off with targets and stretch goals being knocked out the park.

Go check out the Deer Editor website for more info and check in with Ryan over on Facebook and Twitter.  His latest project EIR is on Kickstarter now and closes on 1st December.




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