The Church and the Dime #1-4

The Church and the Dime

I first discovered Bryn G. Jones’ work through his River God title and more recently I jumped on-board one of his portrait Kickstarters but I stumbled across a full four issue run of his debut series that seemed to hide itself in among my hefty review pile…….so I thought I’d take the chance to catch-up.

The story follows Jonny Dime and his attempts to recover after an accident that’s left him with a head injury and a whole mess of hallucinations.  Not a unique starting point but Bryn’s ideas are clearly very big from the beginning.  Jonny’s life becomes worse and worse though as the loss of his wife and the slow recovery from his injuries leave him adrift in a world he’s trying to make sense of.

Jonny Dime

He’s getting all the counselling he can get to try to reclaim his control but the constant noise from his visions and ideas have him distracted as he tries to find out the truth surrounding his wife’s death which is soon highlighted as a murder.  Jonny’s now on a quest to save his mind, find his wife’s killer and stop himself drifting into psychosis that will surely mark the end for his own freedom….and while it has the air of Momento about it, there’s a definite fresh feeling to the story.


Love, faith, murder and every possible element you can think of is poured into this story and it feels equally normal & fantastic at the same time as Jonny’s mind cracks under the weight of his injury.  It ends up being another one of those small press titles that slipped under the radar and you can’t figure out how that happened but thankfully stumbling over it again is a real eye-opener.  Another hidden gem for the “must recommend” list filed away in my own head.

You can get hold of the collected edition over on Bryn’s Kickstarter now and you can check out his other projects over on his website.



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