Morbid Detection: Part 1

Morbid Detection

Dark Pond Creations co-founder Patrick Scattergood brings us his latest offering in Morbid Detection Part One and with impressive titles like The Meek & Flesh Tones to his name already, I was hyped to get my hands on this.

It all opens with a fairly innocent, almost dreamlike air about it as we focus on a guys hobby-come-obsession with Jack in the Box toys following the gift of one as a Christmas present.  That innocent edge is hacked off fairly quickly though as living with a cruel, abusive father triggers an unplanned visit from the police.  We’re whisked back to the modern day and the offices of David Fredericks: “Detection Specialist” give us a first glimpse of our central character who has his own obsessions to deal with in the form of his work.

Detection Specialist

First up for David is the latest case he may well be choosing to take on with another murder by the ‘Slasher Killer’ being reported in the local paper.  David’s life partner Jensen offers him someone to sound off his ideas with but we’re soon embroiled in a deeper, darker case than the opening suggested.  That in itself is an intricate way to play off these ideas and the contrast between the almost idyllic moments of happiness and the crushing reality of the murders emphasizes the stark differences these two plot lines offer.

It’s hero vs villain in it’s most realistic form and as far away from a superhero vs supervillain tale as you can get but that’s the glory and the diversity that you can find in comics outside the big two and more specifically in the small press/indie world.  That’s diversity in the type of story and the characters within it as the relationship between David & Jensen is as natural and realistic as it needs to be while they’re surrounded by all kinds of madness…..not a million miles away from where we all are now in the world I guess.

Jack in a Box

While Patrick weaves that plot, artist Stephane Cote splashes art across the pages that’s simple but ultimately effective.  The colours help build the world too, as happier times are clearly brighter & more colourful with the real world being slightly darker and the cruel elements darker still.  Patrick builds the characters and Stephane builds the world around them and that’s a strong combo to pour into this opening issue.  Part One complete and it’s piqued my interested for the next issue……roll on Part Two!

Go get your hands on Morbid Detection Part One on their Etsy store, through ComicHaus, Drive Thru Comics or Sellfy, and keep tabs on their appearances & next issues over on their Facebook page.



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