Mulp: Sceptre of the Sun #3

Mulp #3

After the strongest of possible starts in the first two issues of Mulp, we hit the halfway point of this 5-part release from Improper Books where Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton have their sights firmly set on more adventure.

As the clues and confrontations from issue #1 & 2 are behind our intrepid group of mice continue the quest for the sceptre as they desperately try to keep ahead of the evil gang who are on their collective tails.  Their travels take them across the seas and onto an unstable glacier in the hope that the quickest route to the prize will be one that they can survive.

Ice epic

The anthropomorphic adventure has that old movie vibe to it with its British sensibilities and a subtle attention to detail on the scale of things.  The visuals from Sara really stand out at giving the story that hint of the Epic about it all and real sense of risk to the danger they all face from the enemies in pursuit, the surroundings they find themselves exploring and from the predators lurking in the shadows.

Very much like an Indiana Jones film we cross from landscape to landscape with the aim to prevent the mystical sceptre falling into the wrong hands and the amount of story and history poured into the pages is phenomenal.  Between Matt & Sara they’re able to create the tension and inject an element of risk into their derring-do’s that has that “edge of the seat” feel to it.  They’re joined by Jim Campbell on lettering and he makes just as significant an impact on the book given the amount of dialogue or narrative on certain pages that he works into the panels allowing the art work to shine through.

Under attack

It all ends up being an old school rip-roaring adventure that feels far more involved than just three issues would normally convey.  Intricate in its story, epic in its art and slick in its execution we end up with an all-age book that has “animate me” written all over it…..and you could probably make that a movie length because it’s so crammed full of ideas & passion.  The best issue so far from the team and Improper Books has surely got a winning team working on a winning release.

You can catchup with the team at this year’s Thought Bubble in Leeds (5th/6th November) and you can keep up to date with Improper Books on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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