Sink #1


John Lees latest title debuted through ComixTribe at New York Comic Con just over a week ago but today saw it get it’s general release and you even got the chance to get this first issue for free.

Having been a fan of John’s work since picking up The Standard and seeing his foray into horror with And Then Emily Was Gone, it feels like everything he writes is the latest “must-read” release.  In Sink he teams up with Alex Cormack to bring us a darker and much more disturbing slice of horror that taps into an urban myth that many will remember with an uneasy shiver creeping up their spine.


It’s set in the fictional Sinkhill area of Glasgow amid the aftermath of a night out on the town that sees drinking & clubbing pave the way through to a relentless horror story that goes from bad to worse.  Central character Allan ends up walking home after leaving his friends in the centre and the dark streets begin to close in the closer he gets to home.  Unhinged locals, violent gangs, an uncontrollable vigilante villain and a transit van full of clowns usher in the type of over-the-top gore that could well have been forgettable in the wrong hands but John seems to embody a Steven King-like knack of hitting those nerves that trigger fear with a few choice words and a savvy set piece.

Mr Dig

The fear and gore is very real and Allan’s predicament seems like a situation that’s all too easy to get into.  We flow through with a casual edge to his movements and with a vein of humour weaved throughout that’s borne partly from John’s sick sense of humour and partly from the disbelief that these things are actually happening.  We end up with some of John’s best work as he lets rip with whatever he feels like.  This is emphasized by some great artwork from Alex whose attention to detail in the Glasgow sites leaves you questioning if this is more eyewitness retelling than urban myth.  Suitably dark and exceptionally sinister in it’s execution the writing, art and lettering from Colin Bell is a finally balanced, well-oiled machine that teases you to the edge of your seat before slap in you in the face with the wet end of a bloodied limb.

Unnerving, funny, gory & beautiful in equal measure it’s a full on assault which sees the light of day thanks to ComixTribe and it’s fairly obvious why they backed a unique premise of local urban myth and realised the global potential in it.

Go check out the Sink Facebook pages for more info and see what else ComixTribe have on offer through their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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