Gone #2

Gone #2

Gone started out as a webcomic but the first issue thankfully saw print thanks to a successful Kickstarter and there’s now a new one running for the second issue but I was lucky enough to get an early look.

Where Gone #1 set the tone and introduced us to AssistA on-board the Tantallon as it drifts through deep space it’s this second issue where Simon Birks starts to reveal some of the secrets from the world he has created.  AssistA’s bleak existence and deepening sense of dread hasn’t stalled his yearning to search the ship for any clues of what happened and any other survivors.  It’s a HUGE ship though and the big thinking coming from our central character feels like a breath of fresh air given it’s unique feel to it.

Gone #2 - interior

There is still a build-up to some big clues being dropped into the mix and an extra reveal in this issue in particular begins to show-off an increasingly intricate plot.  The pace picks up slightly in this issue too and after a slow burning opener it’s breaking out the surprises at just the right times to make this a page-turner.  I’ve likened it to Silent Running before and I’m increasingly seeing that same subtle, smart story begin to deliver and give this a cult sci-fi vibe to it.

Gone #2 - interior 2

The art is beginning to develop alongside the plot as the intricacies of the story are being reflected with some more detailed art from Tom Eddy.  He’s capturing the loneliness & frantic moments well but still keeping it simple and it’s become reminiscent of a classic PC game like Flashback which adds another vibe to it that all seems to just fit together nicely.  The cherry on top is another moody cover from Simon’s regular collaborator Lyndon White which gives you an eye-catching beginning to another brilliant release from Blue Fox Comics……I just want to get hold of the whole story now but this one is proving to be worth the wait.

You can get hold of this latest issue of Gone over on the Kickstarter now…..along with pretty much every other Blue Fox Comics title too.  You can also check out more over on the website & Facebook page.



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