Sparks and the Fallen Star


Having already seen Lyndon White’s work in Sinners & Hexes the news of his next released would be his first graphic novel was a welcome glimmer of hope.

Sparks and the Fallen Star has that recognizable Lyndon White style that manages to give life to what could otherwise have been lost in the 2D world of comics.  We end up with a story of awe and wonder as the curiosity of our central character Sparks sees his latest adventure begin.  His mission of choice is to find out just why the stars are fading away in the night sky and there’s an instant draw to rest on his shoulder as he heads off into the night.


It’s got an air of Stardust meets Wall-E about it with Sparks proving to be the engaging central character that is all heart and hope in a world that seems to be giving into the darkness just a little too easily.  The arrival of a fallen star brings him a friend and ally for his journey as the pages glow with a page-turning intensity that shows off the story-telling abilities Lyndon has.


While Sparks and his new found friend are our good guys there’s a balance to that with the darkness harbouring an enemy for them to face and it’s here that things become much more frantic.  A classic good vs evil that never really seemed to be on the cards to start with and while that could have become formulaic it manages to steer clear of that from beginning to end pretty easily.  Instead, it’s a story that grows from a single urge to find out what’s going on to a full-blown adventure that provides a battle for hope in a familiar light vs dark setting.

It’s glorious work from Lyndon as he blends adventure, heartache and humour across the whole story as he checks all the boxes in that “Book worth reading” checklist. Sparks infectious urge to do good is on show from the beginning where simple ideas and epic scale blend together in the first of many titles we’ll see from him……at least that’s what I hope.

You can pre-order the book over on the Blue Fox Comics website now and you can keep up to date with Lyndon’s work on his website, Facebook & Twitter pages. He’s also at this weekend’s MCM Scotland if you want to pick up some of his other books and chat to him.



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