Kill Them All review & Kickstarter


After the phenomenal Sexcastle became something of a cult hit it was no surprise that Kyle Stark’s next book would create a lot of buzz and it’s blistering pace on its Kickstarter is a testament to his popularity………and to top it all off I was lucky enough to get an early look.

Kill Them All is an action comic and then some as a former cop has eyes on getting his job back while the world’s best assassin has her sights on revenge…..and of course their paths cross.  They’ve got the minor task of fighting their way up the floors of a high-rise building to get to their target and the body count is on the rise as soon as they start.  That’s the basics but the execution is pitch perfect and I won’t give away any of the detail because that would spoil the enjoyment of Kyle’s creation.


Like his previous work the characters are instantly likeable and while they may not be perfect that makes them much more realistic.  The fully charged pages flow from set pieces to set piece as Kyle drops in some revelations along the way but this is the kind of book that defines the reason I stick with comics the way I do.  The fun, the frantic pace and everything else in between makes this shine as Sparks somehow raises the bar from his previous release.


Where Sexcastle was an homage to the solo action hero, Kill Them All has the feeling of a buddy movie but rather than a glossy, throwaway story it’s got a heart to it that makes this just as much of a page-turner from Kyle.  Bold, brash, funny & frantic in what should become another cult hit and if the numbers on the Kickstarter are anything to go by……that’s already happening.

Sexcastle was a real gem of a book that I happened to stumble onto and while I now know what to expect from Kyle’s art & writing style, his new book is just as much of a surprise.  It’s got a similar theme to his previous release but the energy in the action, the heart of every character and the humour all blend together into the perfect mix.

Head over to the Kickstarter page now and you won’t be disappointed when you get that book in your hands.



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