Rebirth Round-up: Week 14


With the gap of a week between that last new Rebirth series beginning and this week’s there was always going to a chance that we’d hit a bump in the road at some point.


Cyborg: Rebirth #1

Written by John Semper Jr.

Art by Paul Pelletier (pencils), Sandra Hope & Tony Kordos (inks)

Colours by Guy Major

Lettering by Rob Leigh

The majority of the Rebirth stories have managed to revisit a characters origin while really pushing to give a strong hint of what direction the series will take and Cyborg seems to only just achieve that same level of success.  The tale of Vic Stone becoming Cyborg is one I’ve read before and there’s not much that’s totally new in this outing. That being said the introduction of a new villain has a strong sense of scale while the more emotional aspects of the story are also allowed to pack a punch of their own.  This fizzles rather than explodes though and it feels like it only just gets away with it. Artistically this felt like I’d gone back to the 90’s at first glance for some reason, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing and the key elements of the story & the underlying potential are evident from page to page.  I’d hope to see it really step up in the next issues and the first arc in particular but on the basis of this it feels like it’s on a knife-edge……can’t win them all I guess and I’m sure there will be a strong readership for Cyborg, it just won’t include me.




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