Wired Volume 1


Wired had it’s first issue released back in 2012 and writer/creator James Lundy took some time away from it to focus on the Edinburgh Comic Con under his Hero Conventions banner……but that all changed recently when he returned to his labour of love through Kickstarter.

Wired is a noir, sci-fi, horror mashup that sees the two main characters, Detectives Briggs & Smith weave their way deeper into the mix of plots that are on the go.  Family life & work life are thrown in there too and James does a solid job of maintaining a sense of direction in what could have become very jumbled and messy.  Briggs & Smith get the best of the two-way dialogue in the opening scenes as the case keeps them on their toes which builds an almost instant rapport between them that helps you buy-in to the world around them.  That element keeps this a page-turning affair and with the exception of a few pages the panel layouts help capture the action and sinister sub-plots flowing well.

Wired interior

Artwork from C Sepulveda on pencils & B Ibenk on inks keeps the black & white style grim where it needs to be while keeping the characters consistent and they work well to give a sense of scale to the whole story.  There are some very minor quibbles with the level of detail and flow of the panels in some of the early pages but they find their stride quick and improve over the course of the whole volume.

Wired - target

The mix of styles & themes was always going to make this a challenge and while this makes it a bit difficult at times to see what James is aiming for overall, he still manages to pull off a pretty solid balancing act for this full volume.  If anything I think this works better as a full volume as the ability to read through his story makes those themes less jarring than they would have been in single issue form.  The art team combine well and the world created in the pages of Wired ends up feeling like something I’d like to see more of which in itself makes this a project that I’m glad James went back to.

Overall Wired works best in this full volume format but there’s no reason why it couldn’t continue in issue form with a bit more streamlining of the themes.  Great work from the team all round and I can’t wait to get hold of the printed volume Kickstarter reward.

You can keep an eye on the Hero Conventions website, Facebook & Twitter pages on when this will see print outside of it’s Kickstarter through Emancipation Studios which should be very soon.



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