Rebirth Round-up: Week 12


It’s another week with continuing titles from DC’s Rebirth but in among that there was another new title busting back into the limelight.


Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1

Written by Keith Giffen

Art by Scott Kolins

Colours by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Lettering by Josh Reed

Giffen and Kolins bring a perfect balance of old and new to the character as familiar face Jamie Reyes returns as the titles main protagonist but with fan favourite Ted Kord nestled into the mix as his mentor.  Quirky villains prove to be the Beetle’s main challenge if you don’t count trying to juggle school with a superhero sideline and Giffen manages to breathe new life into one of DC’s characters that had lost it’s spark in the more recent outings.  This opener is a fun start and it sets the groundwork and tone perfectly for old and new readers alike……but even with that I can’t say that Blue Beetle is a title that I’ll stick with.  There’s nothing wrong with the title as such and I’m convinced that it has a rightful place in the DC lineup……it’s just that I don’t hold the character in the same esteem as others.  Solid title with great writing & art but it just isn’t for me.


A solid start to another Rebirth beginning and the next month  or so looks to be shaping up with more of the same from continuing and new titles.

G-ManRebirth Sep


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