Rebirth Round-up: Week 11


DC’s Rebirth releases have had a fairly busy and consistent couple of weeks in a row and while there was only one release in Week 11….there was still the hope that the quality would be there.


Supergirl: Rebirth #1

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Emanuela Lupacchino (pencils) & Ray McCarthy (inks)

Colours by Michael Atiyeh

Lettering by Steve Wands

In this series we see the past and present coming together as the quest to get Supergirl her powers back triggers a gateway to the Phantom Zone and the arrival of a dangerous Kryptonian who becomes a new challenge for the whole DEO team.  The fallout from that sees some sense of normalcy return as Kara settles int other new life at High School of all places.  As Superman’s cousin it’s always seemed that Supergirl aka has struggled to find a place from under her famous relatives shadow.  That’s changed with her recent venture into TV that’s developed strongly after a shaky start and that puts far more importance on this title as part of the Rebirth revolution that DC have triggered. Thankfully with writer Steve Orlando & artist Emanuela Lupacchino they’ve found just the team to take the very best elements of her previous comic & the latest TV show and blend them together into a new release for a new set of fans.  Fun and showing a great deal of potential it’s looking like DC have added another strong title to a growing list of hits.


It’s another strong start from DC that further highlights JUST how smart a move the Rebirth direction has been……long may it continue.



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