Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2

Jupiter's Legacy 2 #2

Jupiter’s Legacy already kicked off with an impressive first volume and to follow that up with an even more impressive start to volume 2 was a showcase for the Millar/Quitely creative team.

While our superheroes came face to face with psychic Japanese villain Raikou at the end of last issue the real fighting starts now with a battle across land, sea, air and consciousness that Millar conducts while Quitely plays out with some of his most impressive artwork to date.  The energy & scale to it sweeps you up with it from that first panel and the back n forth between the heroes & villains has a unique core to the story.


While that main battle weaves its way through the planes of existence the real world sees the cause and effect of a populous caught up in a messed up battle of good vs evil that blends together into an infectious melting pot of characters.  Crossing generations and ideologies the human’s end up doing the only thing they really know how to do and lash out in an attempt to take out the main players.  The casualties rise while leaving the big hitters unscathed and still trapped in their own tussle for power which still has us trying to decide who has the best intentions.


Millar, Quitely, Doherty & Gho all match the A-game that they had in the last issue but it’s this second issue where the significance behind the plot playing out and the players involved is really beginning to become apparent.  Slick movement between plot elements and art to sit & stare at separates this from being a throwaway title and highlights another Image title that is helping to show the way to embrace a new superhero sensibility and breathe new life into a genre that feels like it’s sometimes a bit samey.  Glorious work from all involved.



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