Sinners #2

Sinners #2

After a stunning opening issue of Sinners and another successful Kickstarter, Simon Birks was able to bring issue #2 into print.

After the revelations of the first issue Hope is beginning to settle into her new life of Limos & limbo as she continues her journey across america as she tackles each of the deadly sins.  First up is Pride in the form of Craig who takes centre stage in this issue as his spoiled life sees him “employed” as a band’s roadie thanks to his rich mother’s investment in the latest tour.


Craig is the epitome of a rich brat and Simon dwells on that factor as a direct comparison to Hope’s current predicament.  Their paths cross with a bump and their goals of getting out of the desert and back to doing something they feel they control, keeps their momentum ticking over.  Craig wants back to his easy life and Hope wants back to the pursuit of her new found destiny…..and a decent cheeseburger.

Hopes Limo

The intricacies of the story are beginning to appear as it’s far more multi-layered than the first issue had suggested – it’s deeper, it’s more of an involving story and the scope of Sinners is only just starting to become evident.  In anyone else’s hands the layers within the plot could have become confusing and almost distracting but Simon manages to drip feed just the right amount of information at just the right time.

He teams up with the same creative team again as RHStewart on art, Lyndon White on lettering and Erol Debris on cover art combine to become part of the success of this second issue.  It feels like a lot of story in a mere 32-pages but rather than it feeling too crammed in the creative team have balanced it out surprisingly well.  That step up from the opening issue shows off the growing potential this title holds and the third issue can’t come out soon enough.

You can catchup with the creators at the links below:

Simon Birks: Website & Twitter (@sdbirks)

RHStewart: Facebook & Twitter (@RHS_illustrator)

Lyndon White: Website & Twitter (@lyndondraws)

You can keep up to date with Sinners over on the Facebook & Twitter pages plus you can keep an eye out for the third issue Kickstarter that hits this September.  In the meantime you can just soak in the cover for that issue below:

Sinners 3



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