Chaosphere #1

Chaosphere #1

Writer Greg Lambert & artist Dave Mims have teamed-up on Greg’s labour of love Chaosphere which has been swirling around his head for years but should soon be a reality thanks to Kickstarter.

Chaosphere is a sci-fi tale set in the aftermath of Earth being largely overcome by rising sea levels leaving the population to look to the stars for salvation.  The corporations are first on the scene though as they profit from the setting up of colonies and the clambering people of Earth who want a safe place to reside off-world but that all comes at a cost.  The select few that did receive a pass to survival were required to fight in the Koudo Wars as part of their conditions.

The Wyrm

Kurt is our main protagonist for this release and after a surprising introduction we’re soon getting a glimpse into his messed up mind and the uphill struggle he goes through to try to gain some credence with his boss.  Cue the only respite that Kurt, his friends and the masses get in the Chaosphere battlegrounds and the sport that’s evolved into the safest entertainment for all in involved……at least until now.

Chaosphere battle arena

This is a surprising debut release from Greg who manages to bring us a flawed central character that is instantly relatable.  He almost swaggers his way through his problems and his sarcastic response to those in power or even those who think they’re in power is a slick way to keep the momentum flowing.  It’s a well developed story and the blend of sci-fi & gladitorial battles makes a strange sort of sense as the old mixes with the new.

Dave’s art captures each of the elements with a unique style that adds scale to the space scenes, depth to the personal life of Kurt and energy to the fight scenes.  That all adds up to an understated look for the new world and the new characters within it.  The one minor flaw along the way is on some of the panel layouts that become a bit crammed and confusing but as that’s a rare occurrence it never disrupts the flow of the story.

A great debut book from a creative team that seems to be in total sync with the story they’re trying to tell in the world they are pulling us into and the main hope for me is that the campaign to get title into print will gather enough of a following to make sure we see the entire series hit print.

Go check out the Chaosphere Kickstarter while you can and keep up to date with the project over on the Facebook page.



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