The Mighty Women of Science

The Mighty Women of Science

Clare Forrest recently released her alphabet book The Mighty Women of Science through Black Hearted Press and I delved into it with the hope of another quality title.

Clare eases into things with a quirky comic book as two friends head back in time to seek as much information as possible about the impact women have had in the world of science and the type of reaction their discoveries experienced.  This sets us up for a slick series of one page alphabetised pages that links a female scientist and the contributions she made.

Time Travel

While the ratio of men to women varies across the continents there’s roughly a 50/50 split among the sexes but a book like this tackles the sense of inequality that’s been (& still is present) in society today.  That being said this book doesn’t come across as an angry feminist attack but far more like a glorious celebration of some of the smartest women that have contributed to the betterment of the planet.  The variation in scientific fields as we cover microbiology through the the expanse of space sees a stunning who’s who of the big names we know and far too many that we don’t but it’s books like this that help rectify that.

The short details on the particular scientists are well structured and manage to grab a snapshot of the struggles they faced, the successes they achieved and the inspiration they create beyond the discovery itself.  Clare manages to weave in some short comics throughout the book too and these interludes really add some impressive depth to the scientists she introduces us too and there’s a big shout out to Fiona Gordon & Kate Livingston for adding their own touches to the book.

Photo 29-06-2016, 22 36 51

Art wise its quirky and exceptionally easy on the eye and the care in the little details across the pages makes the passion for the project as tangible as any of the discoveries we learn about.  The small press/indie world has always been a strong place to embrace the diversity of the creators involved in the scene and with additions of a title like this there’s no denying that sex, age, colour religion don’t make a difference but instead lets us see a broad range of stories from a broad range of perspectives.

Girls of Steel

BHP gear up for this weekend’s Glasgow Comic Con & it’s female focused theme but this title epitomises that positive vibe that’s been evident on the run up to the event.  Its interesting & inspiring without being preachy and the treatment some of these amazing people had to endure had me shaking my head and wondering how they could have ever been restricted in any way as they pursued their quest for knowledge & discovery.

A great book for EVERYONE to read and I’m hoping that there will soon be a follow-up called The Mighty Women of Indie Comics because Clare, Fiona & Kate can be added to that list off the back of this release.

You can order a copy of the book through BHP website or get yourself along to Glasgow Comic Con this weekend.



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