Triskelion #2 & 3


After reading the first issue of Triskelion it was fairly obvious that creator Kathryn Briggs was filling the pages with a very different comic experience and

Triskelion #2

Issue #2: Beyond 2, Into 3

This second issue charts an alliance between Circe, Athena & an innocent girl with her ginger cat and while the Kathryn continues the non-linear approach to the story the flow is definitely seeing the characters progress.  There’s more than a few familiar names & faces along the way and that injects an air of familiarity while the mix of art styles sees watercolours, photography and vivid page compositions make every page feel like a fresh experience.  Blocks of text, narrative & dialogue are weaved through the pages too and while it could all get out of control it somehow manages to steer clear of that trap as the feeling of togetherness & tolerance grows within the alliance being developed.

Triskelion #3

Issue #3: Meet Your Maker

The third & newest issue takes another theme into it’s core as a darker edge of villainy and vein of mistrust creeps into the relationships & dependencies we’ve seen grow across those first two issues.  Friendships are forged and broken as we continue this journey of discovery and the same mix of art styles and themes sees past, present, future, reality & fiction blend in a much more tangible way than before which makes this my favourite of the releases so far.  It’s hitting it’s stride here and Kathryn’s creativity seems to know no bounds with what she’s pouring onto the pages.

As I’ve said before Triskelion won’t suit everyone as I’m sure there are those who prefer their comics a little more mainstream but there’s a reward for anyone who can approach this with an open mind.  The range of art on show is phenomenal and as an exercise in raw creativity it’s exceptional, as Kathryn throws a variety of ideas onto the pages that are all crazy but make some sort of collective sense when they’re patched together in this way.

You can check out more on this and Kathryn’s other work over on her website and catch-up with her over on Twitter & Tumblr.

The third issue will be released at this weekend’s Glasgow Comic Con so be sure and keep an eye out for it.



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