Rebirth Round-up: Week 4


While we didn’t have any one-shots hitting last week there were still some titles of note spinning out the Rebirth events as the on-going series start to kick in.

The Flash #1

The Flash #1

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Colours by Ivan Plascencia

Lettering by Steve Wands

Having already been impressed with the one-shot back in week 2 we get to briefly revisit the origin of The Flash before taking the recognisable step into the daily life that Barry Allen seems to be finding so hard to juggle.  The mix of personal life, work life and superhero life has always been an uphill struggle for some but Barry seems to come out on the wrong side of that so often that the bittersweet edge ends up being all too familiar but just as intriguing.  Solving crimes & relationship woes seem to verge on the mundane as the muted tones from the art team and real angst Barry is under keep that element grounded which in itself is a master stroke because it makes the crackling energy of his superhero life all the more exciting.  It feels like you can’t turn the pages quick enough so that you can soak in the power of the pages and this opening issue builds up to a reveal that leaves the wait for issue #2 playing on your mind just as much as the events in the issue.  It’s a great world Joshua has taken us into and it certainly harnesses the idea of just how significant The Flash is for Barry, the City and the wider DC Universe.


Detective Comics #934 & #935

Detective Comics #934 & 935

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Eddy Barrows (pencils) & Eber Ferreira (inks) 

Colours by Adriano Lucas

Lettering by Marilyn Patrizio

DC’s Rebirth hit the pages of Detective Comics with a new arc that sees Batman making efforts to put the young Bat-family members together in a team that will face-off against a tech-savvy villain who is watching from the shadows.  It’s a great mix of personalities that have been pooled together and the added touch of trying to reform Clayface (aka Basil Karlo) as a member of the team is fresh angle to take which offers a lot of potential.  Batwoman is st with the task of training the new team and preparing them from an inevitable war but there’s a strong suggestion as issue #2 closes that it may all be too little too late with Batman already in the sights of the unidentified enemy. It’s great work from Tynion as he weaves a plot that brings the best out of the artists/colourists/letterer leaving it looking and feeling like a title that’s going to help lead the way in a positive direction for DC.


Rebirth has had a sizzling momentum since that initial one-shot and with some titles moving to a fortnightly release schedule it’s looking likely to continue that way.

Onward to next months releases……

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