Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1

Jupiter's Legacy 2 #1

Mark Millar & Frank Quitely have always seemed like one of those perfect combinations that generate interest in the title they’re on purely because of who they are and to have them team-up on the second volume of their creation Jupiter’s Legacy makes it an easy addition to the pull-list.

We pick up in the aftermath of that first volume where the next generation of Superheroes took their place as THE main force of power on the planet and far from being handed the torch they swiped it from the hand of the current generation and smacked them in the face with it.  However, there are those in the hero game that see this for the act of war it represents and their ready to rebel in the best way they know how……..teaming up with the world’s super-villains.


This flips the good guy/bad guy dynamic on it’s head as the villains find their surprising allies breaking them out of the high security jails and tracking them down as they try to hide from the world’s gaze.  The “putting the band back together” vibe is an impressive one and it gives this second volume a real swagger about it as Millar revels in straddling that line between good & bad with his characters and produces material that gives Quitely a strong sense of freedom in showing off the type of artwork that only he seems able to achieve.

The creative team is complete with some glorious colours from Sunny Gho and slick lettering, production AND design by Peter Doherty and this just gives the title a feeling of completeness.  A great build-up in the story as they all combine well and it’s so good that it feels like it’s all over too soon but that’s because of how easy it is to get swept up the events that are unfolding in the fascinating Millar/Quitely world.

Photo 26-06-2016, 15 42 42 (1)

There’s a real heart to the book which initially comes across as a strange notion given that it’s mainly about a team-up of Superheroes & Supervillains but the conviction that they are pursuing this for the greater good becomes a hugely infectious part of the setup.  Just as smart as that first volume but raising the bar in every way it’s a title that can’t come out quick enough and one you don’t want to end.

You can check out more on the first volume TPB and the volume 2 issue over on the Image Comics website.



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