Doc Dino #1

Doc Dino #1

Tom Ward (Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman) & Chris Welsh (Wart) combine their creative heads to bring us their newest creation, Doc Dino, spinning out of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

They introduce us to Dr Tyrannosaurus Rexley (one of the best character names in a while) and paint a very vivid picture of the perfect life as a successful dinosaur surgeon/playboy but that’s a nice false front that matches his grandeur on paper as the best surgeon in the world.  This rose-tinted life soon begins to unravel as the latest in a series of botched operations brings with it a fresh depth for Dr T to spiral into.  The hospital head disowns him but there’s even more to that story as the past comes back to haunt our short-armed hero.

Doc Dino interior

It sounds like a crazy idea…..and the truth is that it IS a crazy idea but the creative team throw the story onto the page with such conviction that there’s no arguing it’s entertainment value.  There’s still a flashback to his college days and the Animal House vibe that sees his out of control antics bring real heartache and pain following the betrayal by his ex best friend.  Cue the fuzzy montage of their lives going in different directions and Dr T’s eventual arrival on the world scene as THE best surgeon and the cracks that are starting to appear have that bittersweet edge to them that add extra momentum to the developing story of revenge.

Doc Dino interior 2

The art team of Mac Radwanski (pencils & inks), Dee Cunniffe (colours) & Micah Myers (lettering) add an extra dimension to the release too as they manage to apply the glowing sheen of success for Dr T. before helping to bring his world crumbling down around him from every possible angle.  The mix of mistakes, revenge and slapstick are a strange blend to grasp at first but no more so than a T-Rex surgeon and the creative team are all on the same page with the conviction they tackle it.  An impressively strong first issue in a 2-part release and while it probably won’t appeal to everyone you’ll just have to jump in with an open-mind to “get it”.  I thought it was a great opener and here’s hoping that the second issue can match the successes of the first.

There are some glorious Doc Dino pinups in the back few pages of the issue from Ammar Al-Chalabi, Dean Beattie, Vince Hunt & Jon Scrivens too.

Go check out the Doc Dino Facebook page for more info



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