Beast Wagon Chapter Four

Beast Wagon Chapter Four

There’s no denying that Beast Wagon has been a whirlwind of a title in the small press/indie world but it’s pretty much been a revelation for me and many other fans, so to get an early look at Chapter Four is an AMAZING perk of being in this comic review game….

Issues #1,2 & 3 have already gone from strength to strength and has proven that writer Owen Michael Johnson & artist John Pearson have already got a project i their hands that has a visceral energy to it bit this fourth chapter raises the bar even further than I thought possible.  That third issues already ended with a ‘WTF?’ moment but that descends into a bizarre mix of hallucination and reality.  On paper this mix of ideas is far too varied and shouldn’t work but with comedy, thriller, horror and everything in between poured onto the page something special seems to have happened.

The events are shocking, funny & horrific all at once but with a level of intrigue I don’t think I’ve experienced from a comic book before.  Richly inventive with a raw energy that gives you an instant “fuck sake this is good” vibe it’s no wonder that it’s picked up as many fans as it has.  Whipsnarl Zoo itself descends into madness that makes sense and the animal & human characters almost blur together just as much as the imagery on the pages.  Owen hits new the heights with his writing, John hits new heights with his art and Colin Bell matches them with his lettering.  This means that it’s the comic book equivalent of the perfect storm on a day when the planets are aligned which feels ultra-rare to witness but ultra-fortunate to own.  One concern for me is that it’s the penultimate issue and I’m soooooo ready to read more than just Five Chapters.  Well played creative team you sexy bastards!!!

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You can pre-order this chapter over on the Changeling Studios online store or catch-up with them during their tour in June/July:




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