A Comic A Day in May – Day 30: Escape From Jesus Island #4

Escape From Jesus Island #4

Escape From Jesus Island was an indie title that helped convert me into a horror fan and after an impressive issue #1, #2 & #3 it’s onto the next part of Act One with issue #4.

The team are still desperately trying to escape what has turned out to be a far more warped & grotesque island than they could have ever imagined.  The ReGen scientists have been partially successful in their cloning experiments but the dark & evil rejects from their experiments are out for blood and the team sent by the Vatican are on the run.

EFJI4 panel

They’re escape route seems to be taking them deeper and deeper into the bowels of the island though and the casualty list is rising with every step.  The one positive seems to be that they are finding more and more out about the experiments as they go….but information doesn’t count for much when you’re holding your stomach in your hands. Wildly over the top in places but that’s kind of what you expect from an ultimate evil with unlimited power and the pacing is feverish as they clamber for a way out.  The great script from writer Shawn French keeps things fizzying along and it’s only when you look back through it that you realise just how much reading is in it between the dialogue & narrative but it’s kept from feeling cramped by Shawn M. Greenleaf’s lettering which is just as crucial part of the storytelling.

EFJI4 pit panel

Mortimer Glum’s hyper-realistic art continues to impress and makes sure that some scenes are uncomfortable to look at with just how much gore is on show.  Unrelenting in it’s pace & visceral in it’s execution it becomes a sensory overload that’s part look away part can’t look away……a dangerous but successful combination and you don’t have to take just my word for it with Clive Barker himself already endorsing the release too.

There’s a Kickstarter due to start this June (06/06.16) for the first collected edition & gaming figures and you can keep an eye out on the website, facebook & twitter pages for more details.  You can also pick up the issues and other merchandise over on their online store.



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