A Comic A Day in May – Day 29: Sagas of the Northmen

Sagas of the Northmen

Black Jack Press bring us an anthology collection jam packed with all the Viking lore you could ever want to get hold of created by an impressive team of writer’s & artists.

There’s a real mix of elements thrown into the mix as honour, betrayal, murder and the lives of everyday Vikings take centre stage as the writing team pull out all the stops to cover as broad a range of events as possible.  Gritty & moody in places there is an honesty in each of the stories that reflects the possibility that these could all be based on true events.  Something that gives this collection a comfortable feeling to it which helps maintain a consistent pace through the whole book.

While the writing team weave their own personal styles into the stories the artists manage to embrace the grim life of a Viking and keep things edgy and underhand.  That fine balance of themes and the contrast of honour & betrayal is winning combination and unlike many other anthologies there’s no real low point in the stories on offer as they’re all well matched in terms of quality.  The highlight for me is ‘Because it is There’  which uses JFK’s speech about space exploration from 1962 and matches it up with one of the first journey’s into unknown waters on a Viking longboat……an amazingly smart link to the pure art of discovery.

A glorious set of seven stories and I’m hoping that Black Jack Press can pull together the next volume of this soon…….in the meantime I’ll try and get hold of their other titles but this is a great place to start.


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Satan’s Hordes – written by Mark Wheaton with art by Jok

No King but the Law – written by  Sean Fahey with art by Borch

Because it is There – written by Sean Fahey with art by Marcelo Basile

The Dimming Spirit – written by Tom Pinchuk with art by Ezequiel Rosingana

Ascension – written by Derek Fridolfs & Ken Jones with art by Michael Kennedy

Heart of Iron – written by Susan Wallis with art by Todor Hristov

The Emperor’s Wineskins – written by Sean Fahey with art by Marcelo Basile

You can check out more on the Black Jack Press titles over on the Facebook page.



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