A Comic A Day in May – Day 28: River God #3

River God #3_Cover

Writer Toby Willmott & artist Bryn G Jones bring us the third & final issue of River God after another successful Kickstarter campaign.

The first two issues built up a brilliant supernatural thriller vibe to it and the instant you open the cover of this issue you’re straight back into the dry heat of Africa and steeped in the same level of tension.  The big reveal at the end of that second issue came as a bit of a curveball and that’s something being added to here as Toby brings us further into the midst of a cult gone mad.  The Zambezi hides the cults dark secrets and as the cult head brings chaos down on the followers and authorities alike the pacing steps up a few gears.

River God #3 Page 4

In among all the chaos & carnage there’s still the human element with a missing daughter and at least some of the authorities that want to bring stability & peace to the area.  That adds a sliver of hope and the team breathe life into the pages as much through Toby’s cast of characters as Bryn’s artwork which continues with the same sense of style & depth as we saw in those earlier issues.  The grim elements are fleeting but pack a real punch as the increased plot pace and energy from the art combine to make this another page-turner from the beginning.

River God #3 Page 5

The third issue of River Gods is a massive success on a number of different levels with art & story being the big winners but a well-rounded story like this that you read and then instantly want to go back to the first issue and start it again is a rare gem to find.

You can get more info over on their website and keep tabs on the creators over on twitter too:

Bryn G Jones

Toby Willmott



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