A Comic A Day in May – Day 25: The Saga of MetalBeard

Metal Beard

Joshua Paddon & Matthew K Hoddy are the Australian based creative team behind The Saga of Metalbeard as Vikings, sci-Fi and humour offer an interesting mix of elements.

We open on a Viking longboat as the Prince returns from three years at University and into the clutches of a raiding party that are hellbent on pillaging aynting they can from the ship.  Cue a battle and an unexpected turn of events that hit our Prince right in the Beard with the fallout seeing his father exile him to their Moon base until he can learn how to fix his beard-related-issues

Escape the Ship

His time in the lunar jail is much more productive than expected though and after a Rocky-like montage there’s hope that the Prince will be found worthy again and be accepted back into the village.  There’s much more than just the miles to contend with though but thankfully he finds a mentor to help him on his quest.

Photo 25-05-2016, 23 35 08

The Saga of Metal Beard is such a slick enjoyable read and it makes it a real surprise to hear that it’s Joshua’s first comic writing.  The pace is strong and while some elements are borrowed from other area’s of pop culture there’s still a great mount of detail to get lost in.  The music, the Vikings, the time in space and ultimately the progression of the Prince’s quest to get home offers a great mix of ideas that somehow merge together brilliantly to give us a stunning addition to the indie reading pile – kudos to Joshua for that.  The artwork from Matthew captures everything you’d need perfectly as the twists, turns & laughs bring the Prince back from the brink before settling for a new life ahead.

You can check out more on the adventures of Metal Beard and the other Space Pyrates titles over on their website and keep up to date wit what they are working on over on their Facebook & Twitter pages.



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