A Comic A Day in May – Day 22: The Kings Leap

The Kings Leap

Madius comics already have some strong titles in their growing list of releases (50 Signal, Papercuts & Inkstains, Funk Soul Samurai) and it was about time I took a look at their one-shot, The Kings Leap.

Creator/writer Robin Jones teams up with artist Gareth Sleightholme to tell the tale of stories being told to the youngsters in the group that include the soon-to-be King.  It’s got a “ghost stories by candle-light” vibe to it as Amma fills their heads with warnings & wonder and a new story brings with it a fresh scare for the group.  She retells the story of darker times in the village when the King, Gulbrand had to face up to something sinister that was stealing away people from the village.

To the caves

The band of men he puts together head off into the dark world to flush out the evil that is tormenting them and take care of it once and for all.  Some fairly grotesque enemies await them and the flow of Robin’s story has a feeling of grand adventure and scale in a Lord of the Rings type story with Norse sensibilities.  Battles ensue and Gareth’s art is able to flourish as his intricate details and smart touches bring a sense of realism & panic to the life or death battles.   The body count and casualties build around the King but his focus on the witch in charge is unrelenting & vigorous and sees things come to a final showdown and surprising twist in the tale to finish.


The Kings Leap is right up there with some of the other Madius titles that have impressed and while it’s a one-shot I’m sure there are more stories available in this universe that could be pursued further…..and if Robin & Gareth are on board for that…..so am I.  Great read.

GO check out the Madius comics website & Facebook page for more details on this and ALL their other titles.  You can also take a look at their latest Kickstarter for Griff Gristle which has flown through it’s target but you can still jump on board with some time left on it.



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