A Comic A Day in May – Day 20: The Few #1 & #2 AND Kickstarter


Dammaged Comics brings us The Few by writer Dave McCluskey and artist Nicholas O’Gorman as a run-of-the-mill zombie tale is given an interest twist.

The first two issues follows a mix of stories that sees survivors and victims floods the pages as the world erupts in the midst of a feeding frenzy of zombie proportions.  At the core of these stories is the need to understand what caused the outbreak as those in power watch from a distance as they deploy their troops to hit the attackers head-on.

Zombie attack

It’s a typically eclectic mix of people we get involved with as these two issue progress and while there are just as many zombie snacks walking around the survivors have a hidden element among them in the form of “The Few”.  These unique individuals have something in their genetics that lets them survive these attacks and actually kill the zombies if they do but know one knows what that is.  Those in power watch through captured drone footage and their life size game of chess begins with our human characters being prepped to be sacrificed for the greater good.

zombie escape

The resulting story and the subtle links between characters we get to hear a bit more about help separate this title from the zombie herd before giving it the kind of strength that many comics would dream of.  Dave’s scripting, plot and connections with in those plots are slick and finely balanced to give each reveal a “WTF?” vibe to it as he casts expendable characters to the side just as we’re getting to know them which is a great way to keep us guessing.

The art from O’Gorman & the lettering fro Micah Myers combine well to bring the story to life which is weird considering there’s so much death…..but you know what I mean 😀 This balancing act of stories and interconnecting characters makes this a real hidden gem among the indie titles I read and with this being a 7-parer……jumping on-board the Kickstarter seems to just make sense.  Gloriously gruesome but wonderfully unique in it’s execution and jam-packed with potential.

You can help out on bringing issues #3 & #4 to print over on the Kickstarter now and you can check out all things Dammaged Comics on their website, Facebook & Twitter pages.



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