A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Bust 2 Wasteland Ronin


The second issue of Bust hit the same success in it’s Kickstarter as the first and writer Dave Cook teams up again with artist Chris O’Toole to keep their post-apocalyptic world bubbling with a frenzied energy.

While that first issue introduced us to our central character Jack this second issue brings in the messed up world around him as an ultra-violent affair that meanders into some far deeper elements.  It ends up being a strange mix of ideas with the grieving Jack joining forces with tech-head Lily to take on the gang called the “Smilers” as the FBI try to protect the President that everyone thinks is dead.  Yet Dave manages to smash these ideas together and make them work somehow and I’m pretty sure that’s down to the strength of his characters.


They’re all flawed which makes them very human and as messed up as they are they all seem to be revelling in the part they are playing in a larger story of survival.  The art from Chris helps emphasize that idea of scale and the blend of Mad Max meets Escape from New York has this firing on all cyclinders with more layers than you might have expected at first glance or by reading the back of the issues themselves.


The one flaw I get from it is that some pages feel word heavy and if this was shortened a bit I’m sure the artwork could fill in any blanks.  That being said, it manages to get away with it as it’s an outsize print so it’s more of a personal gripe I think.  That thankfully doesn’t take away from the quality the creative team have poured into it as Dave’s characters & plot combines amazingly well with the improving artwork from Chris.

You can check out more on this over on the Bust Facebook page or through Insane Comics directly on their website & Facebook page.



4 thoughts on “A Comic A Day in May – Day 19: Bust 2 Wasteland Ronin

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