A Comic A Day in May – Day 18: Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles #3

Plagued 3 cover

Gary Chudleigh brings his opening arc to a close with the third issue of Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles and with a collected edition of those first three issues on the way on  the 1st of June, it was time I caught up with the most recent issue.

Issue #1 & #2 had already laid out some strong groundwork with things hanging in the balance for all our central characters as Mackie & Dex (the talking dog) are face to face with bad guy Salem and all while Miranda’s rescue mission to clear the plague as best she can is hitting a crucial point.  This third issue tries to tackle all those elements and I’m pleased to see that Gary has managed to finely tune his plot threads into a slick Sci-Fi comedy with a real heart to it.


Mackie vs Salem plays out with a will he/won’t he approach and the tussle that Mackie has in his head is just as crucial to the character development as it is to the momentum of the story.  Thankfully Mackie comes to his senses and is soon on his way with Dex to help Miranda out of the fix she’s found herself in leaving Salem to rue his mispent efforts.  Miranda’s attempts to clear the plague have not gone unnoticed and the forces of evil are out in numbers to bring in the witch that’s spoiling their bigger plans.  Some smooth action in there but I’m still holding out for some grand set pieces that I’m sure will come in future issues as over the course of the three issues so far the creative team have built up a strong sense of scale – something they’re sure to cash in later.


We close the issue with something of a revelation as Salem is a mere cog in a larger force for evil that has mainly remained in the shadows so far……but that’s all about to change.  It’s a satisfying conclusion to the third issue that leaves just enough questions to leave you with the need to catch the fourth issue and see where this will go next. The art from Tanya Roberts is even more impressive in this issue as the cartoony style suits the story down to the ground and the colouring she uses captures the mood of Gary’s script amazingly well.  Colin Bell adds the finishing touches with his lettering as he so often does and it’s no wonder as he manages to add something extra to this title in the same we has done for many others.

The creative team in general have managed to build a story form the ground up with great characters, stunning art and strong sense of direction that’s a captivating thing to see so it’s no wonder it gained some SICBA awards last year in a year where competition was fierce and other great titles were in real contention.

You can pre-order the collected edition through the BHP website or using the diamond code APR163164 at your local retailer.   You can also keep tabs on Plagued over on its Facebook page or on the BHP Facebook page too.



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