A Comic A Day in May – Day 16: The Dark Hours #3

The Dark Hours #3

B. Luciano Barsuglia & Kyle Roberts bring us the third and final part of their creation The Dark Hours and after a pretty impressive opening two issues….I was intrigued to see how things would end.

While those previous two issues left the town of Redemption hanging in the balance it’s now time for the town folks to fight back and putting a team together to go tackle the evil face to face is the kicking off point for this third issue.  Momentum is behind the story now and even with a gap between reading those first two issues and this one hasn’t diminished the story any.  The pace is ramping up with an infectious story unfolding that hides a tangible threat for all involved and that’s down to the quality of the script from the two creators that feels almost breathless at times with an invaluable energy.

We ride!!Kyle’s smart layouts and inventive step away from a bog-standard six-panelled affair gives this a far more unique feeling to it than may have been expected at first.  It’s fast, it’s gritty but it’s also very realistic in building those moments of peril with a real 50/50 split on which way things could go.  The threat from the shadows and having the finale take place in the local mine helps maintain that idea with a claustrophobic feeling of mystery that hits us with another layer in the story and the black & white art work feels just right for the whole series.


As with the first two issues I’m left wanting more and while there is a definite sense of closure to this 3-parter I’m hoping that Luciano & Kyle will work together on either more of this or maybe something new….something that will let us see more from another great creative team in the indie comics world.

You can get hold of all three issues on DriveThruComics & Comixology or checkout the website for more info.  You can also check out the Facebook page too.




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