A Comic A Day in May – Day 15: Samurai Slasher Part II

Photo 15-05-2016, 21 10 00

The latest release from Mike Garley sees him return to B-Movie antics of Samurai Slasher in Part II and after a stunning opener it’s good to see more of this quirky, messed up comic.

Mike is joined by letterer & regular collaborator Mike Stock alongside a who’s who of the comic book scene in an ambitious attempt to pull all these components together in a Kickstarter to bring the book to life in true slasher horror fashion.  The relentless samurai returns across eight new stories that build a world of victims around him as well as a few born survivors who are facing this particular demon head on.

The Nightmare of the Samurai Slasher Continues… (art by Caspar Wijngaard)

Hookers, Cocaine, and the Samurai Slasher (art by Cian Tormey & colours by David B Cooper)

The Ballad of the Samurai Slasher (art by Matt Rooke & colours by David B Cooper)

The Samurai Slasher VS the Cult of Stonehenge (art by R.H.Stewart)

The Samurai’s Katana 3D (art Andy W. Clift)

Meeting the Samurai Slasher (art by Chris Imber & colours by David B Cooper)

The Samurai Slasher VS Sole Survivors Support Anonymous (art by Rachael Stott & colours by David B Cooper)

The Samurai Slasher VS The ARMY-ROBO-SAMURAI (art by Joshua Sherwell)

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The Samurai Slasher himself keeps the body count rising and Mike manages to maintain that unique horror element of allowing the reader to split their loyalty between the people fighting for their survivor and the central figure that’s slashing as many as he can……a strangely enjoyable theme to have.  The creative team he has put together bring us a broad range of styles with each breathing life into a lifeless attacker that seems to pulsate with an 80’s undercurrent that looks & feels familiar as the universe builds to a feverish level of blood, gore and Katana deaths.  As if that wasn’t enough you can add in a movie poster, some character sketches, a series of pinups & another soundtrack possibly smashing into our eardrums.

Go check out the Kickstarter now and make sure this sees print…..it’ll be well worth it.



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