A Comic A Day in May – Day 13: Lonesomes #1

Lonesomes #1

Ryan Little has a Kickstarter running just now for his new release Lonesomes and I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early preview copy.

It tells the story of Tom who is in a constant battle with loneliness as he struggles to fit in and get some enjoyment out of life.  His mum tries to get him into a hobby with the help of his infuriatingly annoying younger sister, Angela……but the bottom line is that no one “gets” him.  School is much the same as the teachers give him grief and the lack of friends chip away at an already dwindling sense of belonging or purpose.

Photo 14-05-2016, 22 29 03

I don’t mean that to sound as bleak as it does but to truly tackle a subject like loneliness you have to start at that core feeling of despair that so often feeds it.  This is where his alone time in the woods near his home bring with it a revelation and a new sense of interest in the possibilities as new adventures come his way in the form of his very own Lonesome.


I wasn’t sure how this would be initially with the combination of the Lonesomes themselves taking on the form of a Pokemon hybrid where a whole set would represent emotions that are experienced but taking the risk on this was one of the best choices I made.  It turned out to be a far more positive book than I expected with a real heart at it’s core with the central character Tom.  Not perfect but far more real because of that and the energy and awe that’s built up near the end of this first issue is stunning to experience.

Ryan is joined by artist Eder Messiahs and colourist Fahriza Kamaputra and the team manage to hit a sweet spot on giving an emotion a tangible form while keeping this grounded.  The pages glow with charm and there’s the vibe of some of the great 80’s adventure movies I got lost in as a kid and it’s possibly the ability to envoke that and usher you into the middle of the story that makes this such a success.

I hope the Kickstarter is successful because this type of book is what the Indie world is able to offer in abundance……raw talent producing books with zero boundaries that create gems to discover, read and recommend.

Go check out the Kickstarter now……RIGHT NOW…..and keep up to date with Ryan over on Twitter.




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