A Comic A Day in May – Day 3: Powerless: Some Kind of Hero


Creator Tony Cooper takes some of the ideas from some of his self-published Superhero novels and brings us this self contained story of superhero life in Britain.

Far from a world that embraces the beings that could make a difference, all superheroes are banned and get registered whenever their powers manifest leaving them to hide from public life.  This particular issue follows the life of teleporter Hayley Turner who still manages do some good in her role as a police officer and while a normal life seems to be pretty easy for her to achieve there’s always the nagging doubt that she could do more as the cases she works on get stranger and more disturbing.

Police work

It’s no time at all before she’s teaming up with an old friend and going full-on superhero vigilante in an effort to make a more significant difference in the city she calls home.  The balance between those two sides is well constructed by Tony and his characterisation brings with it a real sense of purpose as the will to do good for Hayley is an overpowering part of her psyche.  The normalcy of her daily life is refreshing in it’s honesty as there’s no flashy costume, no ego to be massaged and the controlled use of her power to get her lazy ass out of bed and ready for the day seems so matter of fact.

Costume time

This was another Kickstarter that sounded good to me and I jumped on-board but the final release proved to be far better than I could have imagined.  Tony has managed to impress with both writing AND art duties which makes this far less of a risk than some Kickstarter releases can be.  The only disappointment is that it’s a one-off comic but it at least acts as a bridge between two of his novels so this could be an interesting introduction to his other releases.

You can check out Tony’s other work and what he’s working on next over on his website and through Twitter.




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