A Comic A Day in May – Day 2: Random Trials #3

Random Trials 3

Random Trials is the brainchild of Dean Beattie and after impressing pretty much everyone with issues #1 & #2 he set about smashing through a Kickstarter target with ease.  The following for his work was more than evident and as one of those backers I’m taking a look at his latest issue.

Picking up where the last issue left us Charlie is still hiding out from the authorities as “The Company” push to tie up the loose ends that could give the game away with their experiments on the general public.  As the last attempt to get hold of Charlie and the other powered beings didn’t quite go to plan it’s time to pull in some of the more extreme options they have and a brutal tactical team is pulled in clean things up and fast.


The other victims are beginning to band together though and the quest survival is bringing all their powers to the surface but they seem to have been flanked when their address is discovered and a trap is set which they look certain of walking into.  Charlie, Snakebite & Norman’s Mum are at the centre of that trap and when the new team subdue them it seems like a waiting game for the others to meet their fate……but that’s flipped on it’s head with a hidden member of the gang of misfits.


It’s another stunning issue from Dean and although it feels a bit word-heavy and crammed in some scenes the pacing and subtle humour stops this becoming too big an issue. Random Trials has coasted through three issues and taken a unique premise and just run with it and while that may seem enough Dean has then managed to raise the bar time and again.  His artwork is similarly unique and matches the feel of his story and it’s another case where a solo creator is pushing boundaries with each duty he has on his hands. Gloriously over-the-top and surprising which just oozes style.

Checkout more of Deans work over at his website



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