Druid Investigations #1

Druid Investigation #1

The first title to come from newly formed Attic Studios and a phenomenal Kickstarter is Druid Investigations #1 by Dan Harris which kicks off the first in a 5-part arc.

The issue opens with the Battle of Camlann in 537AD where the reputed final battle of King Arthur brings with it a mystical edge……but that’s all just a tease of what’s to come as we settle into the humdrum life of our central character Killian Turner.  His daily routine leads us through to the thrilling world of call centre sales and it’s safe to say the “thrilling” part is an extreme exaggeration.  This part feels like a slow start for the book but it’s the ideal way to kick things off as a contrast for the way Killian’s world changes after a night on the booze with his fellow workers.


Cue the introduction of monsters, magicians and mayhem as a chance encounter on the way home flips his world into the air.  Dan’s work on Lou Scannon has developed his unique sense of comedy timing that takes this to the brink of slapstick but keeps it on the funny side rather than the downright silly.  That contrast I mentioned earlier becomes much more apparent here and that help builds tension AND laughs in equal measure. There are still introductions to be made as Killian comes face to face with the same group from his hectic post-pub walk home but it feels like the start of something big.


An epic undertone with some of those muted elements of work & relationships makes this a well-rounded opening and it’s a title that gains a sense of heart from the beginning which I would put down to Dan being creator, writer & artist for his creation.  Juggling jobs like this could well break Dan but if the result is a book as good as this then it’s a smart risk to take.  Joined by HdE on lettering who helps keep things tight on an impressive first issue.

This first issue of Druid Investigations is funny, smart and inventive and sets the bar high for the next four issues……so no pressure Dan 😀

Check out the Attic Studios website for more info on Druid Investigations and their other titles.



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