ALV #1


ALV #1 by writer Jay Martin and artist Pablo launched at LSCC in February as part of the list of titles from the Close 2 Immortality group of creators.

It follows the life of Adele Leigh Voss aka ALV as she tries to blend into the general population taking each day as it comes as she evades detection.  A strange thing for a superhuman to do as they have abilities to make a difference but staying out of the “saving the day” game ain’t as easy as you might think.  She’s soon drawn in to save the day but the authorities are less than an impressed to see her resurface and it’s all out attack in the blink of an eye and these attacks even go as far as airstrikes!

ALV attacked

It’s a fairly slick opening from Jay as he drops us in the middle of the unfolding action and the exasperation from our sultry central character is tangible as she wants to escape her past and just relax with some comics.  A series of flashbacks gives us a glimpse into Adele’s past as her abilities develop along with her accelerated learning and her first steps into the life of a superhero.  The complexities of that life creep in though as relationships and an undisclosed event has caused her to go into hiding in the first place.

ALV training day

Jay has brought a strong female character to the pages of ALV and that’s not just for her abilities but for her overall outlook on her situation in the aftermath of whatever caused her to seek solace away from the public eye.  A great introduction to a new superhero albeit with sense of reluctance from her as she struggles to stay away from the hero game.  The one minor quibble from the story perspective is that some of the scenes felt a bit word heavy at times and that started to invade the panels a bit but thankfully it was kept to a minimum.  The artwork is solid from Pablo although the constant variation in panel layouts gave a feeling of trying just a bit too hard.  That being said it’s saved by a great pallet for his colouring that captures the mood of the scenes amazingly well as the action, the flashbacks & the moments of contemplation have a great feeling to them.

A great start to the book and I’m hoping that we see more of ALV through the Close 2 Immortality group as the potential is poured into the pages from both Jay AND Pablo…….more of this please!

You can check out more of Jay’s work on his website & Facebook page and keep up to date with all the Close 2 Immortality releases on their soon-to-be-active website and Facebook page.



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