Vietnam Zombie Holocaust #3

Vietnam Zombie Holocaust #3

George Lennox & James Devlin combine forces again for the third issue of Vietnam Zombie Holocaust set for a release through Cult Empire Comics at Granite City Comic Con at the end of this month.

While there was a definite improvement across issues #1 & #2, it was always going to be interesting to see how things would progress into this third installment. The pacing had been steady but this issues really starts to kick things off as both plot threads become fully-charged.  The jungle is starting to get crowded around our platoon who are fighting for survival as the zombie hordes of soldiers, civilians & animals are all out for their next meal and even bullets don’t seem to be really slowing them down.

Iron Claw Camp

Meanwhile, back at the base the truth about Dr Herbert and the real motives behind his experiments start to unfold but the cracks appear and he begins to lash out at the people who are now learning the truth about him.  The back n forth between these elements is still as much a balancing act as it was in the last issue and with more action in both the pacing becomes far more significant.  It’s more apparent now too as there are scenes with lots of dialogue and information that are handled just right between George & letterer Colin Bell who manages to fit the narrative and dialogue in amazingly well.


War, intrigue & action blend well as the story grows and James Devlin seems to have achieved the impossible by improving yet again in this issue.  The detail in the art is phenomenal and with a smart approach to the colouring he’s managed to separate those elements while breathing life into the pages…….I’m pretty sure I can imagine him shouting “It’s alive……it’s Aliveeeeee!” after finishing the issue.  Stunning work……just stunning.

All in all VZH has built on it’s strong foundation in issue #1 and has gone from strength to strength with each issue.  As that improvement has become more obvious it’s clear that this flagship issue for Cult Empire Comics is a winner on every front….and it’s kudos to George, James & Colin for the part they’ve played in creating each panel on every page of every issue.  A stunning penultimate issue in the first volume and probably the team’s best yet……..and that leaves me wanting to get issue #4 NOW!!!

You can pre-order this issue over on the Cult Empire Online store and keep track on their appearances and progress over on the Facebook page.



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