Tales of Mystery and Imagination #1 & 2

Tales of Mystery and Imagination 1_2

I recently picked up the first two issues of Tales of Mystery and Imagination at last months first Dunfermline Comic Con from the Dundee based Terrier Studios.

Issue #1 – artists Kenneth Anderson, Gary Burley, William Hazle, Bartosz Masiak, Kieran O’Connor

Tell Tale Heart adapted by William Hazle

Dagon adapted by Gary Burley

The Conqueror Worm adapted by Bartosz Masiak

From Beyond adapted by Kenneth Anderson

Frightful Funnies by Kieran O’Connor

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The opening issue of the series is a Poe & Lovecraft Special that adapts some tried & tested stories but it’s a good basis for Terrier Studios to set out their approach.  All equally dark in their own warped way which isn’t unexpected but the mix of artwork is a key part on gauging the appeal of future issues and thankfully each style is well suited to the story they’ve chosen to represent.  Each artist also seems to have brought their A-Game as the similar themes for the stories are executed in very different ways but all have a common thread of the macabre in them.  The added touch of a Scottish themed Crypt Keeper (maybe McCrypt Keeper???) is a unique touch too that helps weave these stories together nicely.

Issue #2:

Lair – story & art by Ewan Smith

Tattybogle Man – story & art by William Hazle

From Below! – story & art by Lewis Cooper

Honey, I’m Home – story & art by Kieran O’Connor

Frightful Funnies by Kieran O’Connor

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The second issue is a completely different affair as it’s all original material from the team but it’s got the same dark & gruesome edge to each tale.  The pacing of the stories is different this time around as we start with a short & punchy tale like Lair followed by a gruesome, winding story like Tattybogle Man before a monster mash like From Below! and then a sci-fi invasion in Honey, I’m Home.  The stories are just as varied artistically too but with writing & art duties done by the same person for each story it all blends together amazingly well.  In fact, I’d say this second issue was my favourite and that’s down to that level of variation that’s been introduced.

A brilliant addition to a long list of worthwhile Indie reads and this manages to slip into the “must reads” category where the quality of these issues has me keen to get hold of the next one…..and that’s hard enough to obtain in the mainstream titles let alone with Indies. Kudos to the team involved with a nod to Kieran O’Connor for his Frightful Funnies that feature on both issues and kudos to Terrier Studios for putting a fine team together to produce a great comic.

You can check out more on this over on the Terrier Studios website or on their Facebook page.



5 thoughts on “Tales of Mystery and Imagination #1 & 2

  1. Where can you buy this in print? I’ve looked at my local comic book store and they have never heard of it. i can buy the digital version but i’d kinda like to have it in print for my collection.


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