22 Pages : Scenes from Scottish History – A FREE exhibition.

22 Pages

A new exhibition that is sure to appeal to fans of the comic-book medium opened last week at Paisley Museum. 22 Pages – Scenes from Scottish History depicts historical events presented in a graphic novel style and the exhibition is FREE with it running from Saturday 2nd April through to Friday 20th May.

Thanks to the success of the superhero genre, graphic novels and comic illustration have gained immense popularity and respect in recent years. But of course the medium is not new. The cave paintings of ages past and hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt were the first examples of storytelling through pictures. Inspired by this tradition, this exhibition features 22 scenes from Scottish history, presented in graphic novel style, connecting popular culture to traditional heritage in fun and vibrant ways.

22 Pages A5 Front

22 Pages A5 Back

The exhibition was created by Magic Torch Comics, and features 22 pieces of original work by artists Andy Lee and Mhairi Robertson. The works have been inspired by classic scenes from graphic novels and comics of the last fifty years. Magic Torch Comics are a social enterprise who have been creating comics based on Scottish history and folklore since 2011. The group also work with schools to create comics and improve literacy.

The 22 Pages exhibition, will also give visitors the chance to try their hand at creating their own comic book page or character.  Neil Bristow, Creative Learning Co-ordinator and organiser of the exhibition states “This is a fascinating exhibition, presenting events from Scottish history in a new way, that we are sure will appeal to visitors of all ages”

Well worth checking out……I know I will be.


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