Limbo #6

Limbo #6

This is it…..this is the final issue of Limbo by Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard and after five issues of voodoo-filled neon noir action it all comes down to this for our amnesiac Detective Clay.

After the last issue left us reeling with the reveal of higher powers at work as the puppeteers in charge as the story begins to unravel it’s web and give us more of the finer details we’d been waiting for.  Thumb’s protected world starts to crumble just as Clay hit’s his stride with a full frontal attack that helps create some great set pieces the creators fire straight into your eyes.  The layers of story already built up begin to blend together here as Sandy’s place in the story takes on a new direction before the big payoff moments play out in the most satisfying way possible.


The higher powers may resolve their differences but nothing really returns to normal completely although it does seem like it gets close near the end as the dust settles.  More clues about Clay’s past are discovered too and there’s a brilliant fade to black/TV static-filled vibe as the story comes to an end.  The twists and turns from Dan have all played out but the whole series and it’s cult vibe has the air of a title that’ll stick with you and embody a sense of longevity that means you can return to it again and again.


Caspar’s art has gone from strength to strength as the story has progressed and the quirky layouts in this last issue punctuates just how creative he has been in capturing a number of bright & bold worlds with a raw energy.  The pages crackle with it and that’s not just the static from those TV’s…..gorgeous artwork throughout.  Jim Cambell adds his final touch with the lettering too and these six issues have proved to be electric.

A vivid tale contrasting with some of those darker themes but Image Comics have managed to add another title to their long list of successes that are on the cutting edge of creativity.  You could say that they’ve lucked out again with a top notch creative team but this has happened on too many occasions for it to be down to luck.  Great stuff and hopefully we haven’t heard the last of Limbo.

Check out the whole series over on the Image Comics website – You can check out more of Caspar’s art over on his facebook page and you can keep tabs on him & Dan over on Twitter too:



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