Turncoat #1-3 (and Kickstarter)


Creators Ryan O’Sullivan & Plaid Klaus are working to bring their six-part webcomic into print through a Kickstarter for a hardback collection and while that’s blown away it’s target I got a hold of the first half to get an idea of what it’s all about.

It follows Duke in an interesting tale of the worst superhero assassin trying his best to hit the targets he’s had selected for him.  He’s bad enough at trying to pick off the lesser known heroes by himself and that doesn’t change with some handpicked help from The Agency. Duke is an unsuccesful, downtrodden man who somehow manages to keep trying but there’s a darker cloud hanging over him in the form of his ex-wife, Sharon……she’s moved on and she’s STILL making him look like a fool as she’s always one step ahead and picking of his targets with ease as she mocks Duke along the way.


It’s cruel to see Duke struggle but things look to take a more positive direction when his latest target is a biggie…….one that could put Duke on the map…..one that could see him set for life…….but Duke ain’t that lucky.  Cue his world unravelling further as things go from bad to worse within a few short panels.


While that may be based purely on those first three issues it’s a fair indication of the strength and consistency the creative team have built-in to this from the beginning.  A great concept from writer O’Sullivan & artist Klaus as they manage to pull together an original idea that helps mock the entire genre of superheroes yet still come up smelling of roses….unlike Duke.  Sharp dialogue, a smart plot & some real humour blend together to give this a unique feel to it and that’s something the artwork helps emphasize even further.

While I’ve only read half of it there’s some serious potential in this and that’s more than enough to encourage me to consider backing the Kickstarter for what looks like a beautiful hardback collected edition.  Go check that out here.

You can also catchup on the webcomic over on the official website for the title……but you shouldn’t need too much convincing to take a chance on this funny, original & quirky run.




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