Comics Anonymous at the Movies – Deadpool


It’s been out a while but I took the chance to see Deadpool on the big screen and see what all the fuss was about…..the difference with this particular Comic Book movie is that I had to push my dislike of the character in the comics aside and see if the celluloid version proved to be any better.

The movie pretty much sets the tone from the off with a flip between comedy & all-out action as Deadpool tries to get his hands on his latest target at the cost of anyone nearby. Rules are out the window for the Merc with a Mouth but we’re soon thrown back into the first of many flashbacks that aim to get us up to speed on what the hell motivates the nutjob on screen.


It’s here that the film gathers real traction as Reynolds breezes on-screen with all the confidence an ex-Green Lantern could possibly embody but the story behind Deadpool is actually the more entertaining as this love-story/revenge slasher movie begins to weave in and out of plots while taking as many pot-shots at non-Deadpool characters as it can…..and that in itself is kinda fun.


The chance meeting between Wade & Vanessa (played by the stunning Morena Baccarin) is where the “real” world creeps in – lust, passion, sex, experimentation and the crushing reality of cancer brings with it the uncertainty of not living the rest of their lives together….and that’s a kick in the nuts for viewers and cast as they play it straight to give it the most significant impact that it can have.  Cue the stranger dressed in black and Wade’s chance of survival hits a new high….albeit a torture-filled one…..and from here it’s a similar story to those we’ve seen before where good vs evil and it’s all backed up by a love interest.

I’m not being flippant with that as that’s essentially how it plays out but while it may echo other films before it, it’s approach is a far different one than we’ve seen before.  It earns that R-Rating with all the gratuitous sex & no-holds-barred level of cursing & bad taste…..but that all works on some level as it balances out completely with the emotion of that love story element.  I still found it to be at it’s most interesting when Reynolds was in “normal-mode” as Wade where his foul-mouthed battle with his friend gave the character much more credit as a real person just trying to survive the best he knows how.


The addition of other mutants in the form of bad guys Ajax & Angel Dust and allies Colossus & Negasonic Teenage Warhead bulk up the Deadpool side of things and make him almost bearable.  I say that as I struggled to get over my dislike of Deadpool and I had been hoping that the movie would somehow change my mind…… didn’t.  Although the fact that I don’t like him just goes to prove how accurate a conversion to the big screen we have for this anti-hero.  The movie played out as I expected with the exception of how much I to engaged with the Wade Wilson story, so it felt like a film of two halves for me.

Putting aside my dislike for Deadpool I can see the new steps this takes in a genre that had threatened to become stale with more of the same being thrown onto our screens time and again but then the other studios have managed to teeter on the edge of overkill with some well thought out TV shows and using their lesser-known characters to broaden the scope and appeal of comic book movies as a whole.  I can see the point in creating something like this for a number of different reasons……it’s just a gap in my Blu-Ray collection I won’t lose any sleep over.


The negatives for me on this were Deadpool himself (as you can tell) and the worrying trend for R-Rated movies it may have kickstarted but there are a number of positives that I can also see quite clearly.  The Wade/Vanessa parts, the other mutants on-screen, the potential of seeing Cable in future outings were big plus points but the most important elements of this has been vindication for Reynolds who embodies a character that helps him take his rightful place in a comic book movie that breaks records instead of fanboy hearts like he did with Green Lantern.  The other is vindication for Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefield who sees his creation hit screens, break records and gain him some credit after year’s of being a figure that polarized those involved with comics or the pull-list punters in equal measure.

A good effort in broadening the content of comic book movies but not enough to convince me that Deadpool is a character I could return to again and again.  For that reason I’m almost baffled by how it’s been able to break the records that it has… just doesn’t do it for me and while I may be in the minority on that one…..who gives a shit! 😀




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