Overrun #1-4


Creator Andi Ewington brings us all 4 issues of his creation Overrun and his computer-themed release brings us a story of geek-filled nods and an action-packed chase to save Arcadia Falls.

The world writers Andi & Matt Woodley have created has two-halves……it’s got a gritty, seedy underbelly with a bright, bold element trying to distract the masses as those in charge flex their power in the worst ways possible.  The residents of the city and those in power are trying to deal with overpopulation & crime but the initial focus is the survival of our central character, Cooper.  He’s a man lost in a city he’s sure he recognizes but trying to regain his memory AND stay alive seem to be giving him a distinct headache.  It’s a grand mix of digital themed theatre and thriller as the race to stay alive is made all the more dangerous as a new virus begins to take hold on the unsuspecting public….a virus that’s been released by the very people who run the city.

Overrun - team-up

For Cooper….keep moving seems to be the only real option while he figures things out or at least starts to remember who the hell he is and the addition of his new allies brings a familiar roster to keep track of.  It’s a who’s who of gaming characters which have their own unique outlook on how to handle their current predicament and the race to save the city, the chase on the way & some of the truth bombs that hit along the way gives the four issues a stirring momentum.

Overrun - virus

The mix from Andi is a fine balance and as he teeters on the edge of going all-out cliche he keeps that from happening by having the threads of each story mingle with just the right amount of background info at just the right time.  It’s a world with the sensibilities of Tron & the morality of Sin City and all while our band of gaming-heroes keep a focus on taking down the bad guys, getting Cooper’s memories back & stopping that virus.  There’s sacrifice along the way too which adds another poignant edge to story and overall it adds a dimension to the story that wasn’t initially expected.

The artwork from Paul Green has to be seen to be believed as his slick lines and energetic, sexy style makes every characters a sight to behold.  He captures both contrasts of the City well too as the dark & light side are suitably grim or full of life as needed by the story.  A glory to look and visuals like this with a story like this makes this one of those easy to read titles that are easy to re-read again & again.

You can check out more over on the Overrun website or on their Facebook & Twitter pages.



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