Space Captain #2

Space Captain #2

Creators Michael Park & Chris Baldie return with the second issue of their creation Space Captain but could it match the heights reached by the opening issue?

The issue kicks off with a flashback for our central character as we start to understand a little more of how he became lost in space in that series opener……that doesn’t last long though as his current predicament snaps him back to the here & now with a bump and then some.  A less than impressive crash landing leaves them stranded on a desert planet with only the locals to trade with for parts….and they don’t take too kindly to strangers.

Old Timer

It’s a great opening as the unknown element of their new surroundings give them a brief chance to catch their breath but that’s short lived as they are still being pursued by aliens set on getting their hands on a human.  The mystery of the locals adds to the desperation of their situation as the need to get fixed and get out of there becomes blurred with their attempts to figure out just how the hell they are going to do that.  Their alien pursuers get close but it’s an interesting change of pace & direction for the characters as the bleak emptiness of space itself from that first issue is replaced by the searing heat of the desert planet and this second issue feels just as packed with new twists and turns for our central hero.

Space Captain

It’s a strong issue from Michael & Chris as the plot thickens and they bring a number of different aspects into the mix as the Aliens get within touching distance of capturing their targets with action and new characters beginning to appear. There’s a couple of sections that feel word heavy but as it’s trading off with some great sweeping visuals it all seems to balance things well.  In fact, the artwork is glorious throughout the whole second issue as it seems to almost generate it’s own desert heat and there feels like far more story crammed in than you’d expect for a 36-page comic…..something they achieved in the first issue too.

While it may not have reached the heights of the opening issue, at least for me, there is a definite development of the Space Captain character himself and his relationship with the Prospector.  There’s still a lot of gain in this issue and the options for future issues seem endless for both Michael & Chris……roll on issue #3.

Check out more on Space Captain over on the website and pick up those first two issues over on the online store.



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