GoodCopBadCop Casebook #3 (Part 1)

GoodCopBadCop Casebook 3 Part 1

Jim Alexander’s award winning creation GoodCopBadCop returns for the 1st part in the latest case for our favourite unhinged Detective.

We open to a far softer version of our central character DI Brian Fisher who has developed a new caring/sharing demeanor….but that’s all a result of helping his partner deal with her mother’s death.  An element that has seen him take a break away from work but as she starts to cope better Jim Alexander develops an intricate back and forth between Brian’s relationship with his partner and the almost reluctant return to work.  This brings with it the real crux of the issue as another twisted case is on the horizon.

GoodCopBadCop - Tea

It’s a case that dredges up the past for Brian and sees him visit Barlinnie in a quest to find out as much as he can about another lunatic that’s on the streets…..and a potential nemesis for him to face-off against.  There’s a brutal attack on two police officers along the way and the subdued DI starts to see the return of the cracks that could trigger his darker side.

GoodCopBadCop - Slice

The first two issues of GoodCopBadCop had a shorter, punchier feel to them with a mix of cases bringing out Brian’s two-sides in stories of justice being served with whichever side suited.  This third installment takes a significant step in a new the first part of “Only Pigs and Horses” lingers on creating a deeper story with a deeper connection to the central good/bad guy.  The split between good and bad becomes far less black & white as they blur into an overall grey area and that makes this the best yet from Jim.  A similar change of artwork sees a controlled subtlety in the many aspects of Brian’s warped psyche that come to the fore as Aaron Murphy adds a distinct level of realism to an unreal character.

This change of pace from Jim and change of art from Aaron takes this to a whole new level as the grim underbelly of Glasgow’s criminal element is still there but there is a more defined level of intrigue and optimism that light can overcome the dark.  I’m sure we’ll see the darker elements make an appearance in the next two parts of this case but whether they are in an attempt to fight fire with fire or Brian releasing the beast as the cracks take hold will be the most interesting element to keep an eye on.  There’s also a glorious cover from Luke Cooper that captures the madness and energy of the title with an effortless ease that I wish other mainstream titles had.

This title will launch this Saturday (23rd January) in Geek-A-Boo in Glasgow and this should give you a chance to get your hands on all three.  You can also order over on the Planet Jimbot Etsy Store.



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