Limbo #3

Limbo #3 Limbo from Image Comics hits the halfway point with issue #3 as Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard continue their voodoo-filled detective tale.

While an energetic second issue saw Clay escape a TV world with the help of Sandy we’re now on their shoulders as they continue to try and keep out of The Thumb’s clutches.  Things initially seem settled as they relax in the local diner and talk through their next steps of evading the street gangs & appeasing the voodoo gods with some new well chosen tunes from the local record store.  Cue the introduction of a new, darker henchman and the risks of life in the sights of The Thumb are still present.

Limbo - Diner

The backdrop of a city-wide parade gives this issue a sinister edge for them both as it appears from nowhere forcing them to go on the run from the residents of Dedande City and the musicians controlling them.  The band plays on as their hypnotic music keeps the citizens in their trance and the snakes spewing from their mouths in a jumbled up world that has Clay more than a bit confused but a safe house allows some brief sanctity from the mob and we get to glimpse a little deeper into the relationship the two of them have. Clay’s checkered past bubbles under the surface as he sleeps and his roommate knows that more than most…..including the amnesiac Clay.

Limbo - Snakes

After an energy filled second issue I wasn’t sure which way the title would go but Caspar & Dan have managed to sustain the momentum they built across those first two issues with a natural ease.  It’s become a bit of a head-fuck with some of it’s elements but the notion that anything can happen gives it an exciting energy that is matched by the vibrant art.  We hit the halfway mark with just as many unanswered questions but rather than that being a frustrating element it gives this a more unique vibe to it.  Jim Campbell applies his typically controlled lettering and helps control a few of the dialogue heavy scenes to stop them from feeling too crammed.

The neon noir detective story seems to be a new category that Image has helped create with this title but I’d be on board if it was all as good as this.  Roll on issue #4, #5, 6 and beyond….great stuff!!

Check out the series over on the Image Comics website – You can check out more of Caspar’s art over on his facebook page and you can keep tabs on him & Dan over on Twitter too:



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