Horror Show #2

Horror Show #2

George Lennox broadens the creative team for issue #2 of Horror Show as he brings us another three tales that aim to disturb & surprise.

First up is Penpal by writer/artist Norrie Millar who teams-up with Janine Van Moosel on colours & lettering.

Pen Pals

It’s a twisted tale of deceit as a stream of letters act as the bait for another victim in an abandoned house.  It’s all narrative from Millar as he manages to build tension over the course of a few short pages and the final reveal comes as a jolt which you’d expect from any true horror story.  Norrie’s artwork is suitably grimy as welly as it captures the unknown elements that develop as the mystery unfolds through to it’s conclusion – something that’s emphasized well in Janine’s colours too.

George puts the band back together as he works with Jason Mathis on the second part of Lost Souls that they both worked on in issue #1……where they left us hanging with a “to be continued” final panel.

Lost Souls

Amy’s visions introduced in the previous issue become the focus as their overall purpose becomes all the more evident as the quest to find a killer sees her join forces with some more visions of victims.  Far brighter in terms of colour form the first part but the steps to finding a killer need that as a brighter and more hopeful direction is being taken.

The final story sees George team up with James McCulloch to write Perfect Strangers as they’re joined by Norrie Millar on art and Janine Van Moosel on colours & lettering.

Perfect StrangersIt’s a messed up tale of one man’s slobbish ways seeing him take his directions from the TV that comes alive and speaks to him with a sinister & gory outcome as the madness filters through him and out into the real world……a punchy, smart tale from them both as Norrie & Janine pair up well again on the darker artwork.

This second volume of Horror Show seems to be far more balanced than the opening issue and the addition of other creators really seems to have paid off with the quality in each story.  A dark & edgy mix of ideas on offer that suit this shorter anthology format extremely well and it’s good to see Cult Empire Comics continue with a completely different title compared with their Vietnam Zombie Holocaust.  There’s also that amazing Alex Ronald cover to contain the evil from front & back.

Horror Show #2 - Back cover

Horror Show #2 – Back cover

You can check out more on Cult Empire Comics over on their Facebook page and get hold of their issues on the website.  You can also check out the Horror Show Facebook page too.



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