Highlights of 2015 Day 23 – Merrick the Sensational Elephantman

Merrick the Sensational Elephantman

Tom Ward & Luke Parker’s excellent Merrick title closed out it’s first 4-part arc (reviews of #1, #2, #3 & #4) and became an easy pick for the list of highlights.

The Victorian era adventure brings all the pulp, horror & adventure that London in the 1880’s has to offer as Joseph Merrick goes from circus attraction to outcast.  That doesn’t last long though as he grabs the attention of a mysterious cult and his quest for revenge gains momentum under their watchful gaze.  Ulterior motives are the driving force behind the help Merrick gets from them as the power they yearn for and the book tat will help them achieve that remains their real target.

Sensational Elephantman

It’s a brilliant new take on a character we think we already know and the empathy and certain level of pity are their to begin with and but we soon see the power the character has behind the frailty a lifetime of abuse & mockery has cultivated.  He instead becomes a new champion for us to cheer, fighting the good fight for the underdog and becoming a bit of a vigilante in the process.  Tom’s weaving plot keeps Merrick’s life swinging from highs to lows as the grotesque image of our hero is more than the general public can see passed……but the power he yields through his affliction sees us rooting for him.

Luke’s artwork has the air of Mignola about it which suits it exceptionally well giving a realism to the occult and tales of the strange elements to it.  This helps capture the energy and dark evils that contrast against each other as Nic J. Shaw adds the finishing touches with his lettering.

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With a collected edition now available and a one-shot on the way following a successful Kickstarter I’m sure this is only the beginning for the team behind Merrick!

You can get your hands on all four issues or the TPB from the website along with some other cool prints & T-shirts.  Keep tabs on progress of that one-shot and the future of Merrick over on the Facebook page too.


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