Highlights of 2015 Day 22 – The Kill Screen

The Kill Screen

This year saw issues #3 & #4 of The Kill Screen hit as creators Mike Garley & Josh Sherwell brought their first arc to a close with style.

Now the title already appeared in my list of highlights last year but the consistency that the creative team brought to it makes it an easy pick for this year too.  Mike’s team of survivors continue to gel in the second half of this first arc where the humour, action and intriguing plot develop further from those first two issues.  Subtle nods here and there are still in place as the story builds to it’s conclusion and the artwork from Josh seeps into the world and helps apply the same energy that we’ve seen from him already.

Kill Screen Opening

The creative team is rounded off with Mike Stock on letters who adds the mix of styles that’s already made this a standout title…..at least for me.  A collected edition is on the way too following a successful Kickstarter last month and I jumped at the chance of getting a hardback edition.

Keep tabs on this over on the Facebook page and get your hands on all four issues over on Mike’s online store.


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